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The emergence of a flat world has placed considerable pressure on management to seek competitive advantages, to make every effort to improve productivity and profitability, and to adopt a corporate mindset that is more flexible and compatible with change. Long & Associates can help.

Core Services: Planning, Productivity, Futurism, and Risk Readiness

Long and Associates has been helping organizations plan for the future, improve productivity, and reduce costs for more than a quarter of a century. The firm also helps organizations cultivate a risk-ready corporate culture that can accelerate innovation and improve competitiveness. 

Dr. Larry Long, an internationally known consultant and author, is the principal on all engagements. He is committed to helping you articulate a clear vision for your company and to helping you realize that vision. Click here to read a letter from Dr. Long.

Long & Associates can help your company ...

  • Create a dynamic corporate strategic plan that articulates priorities, objectives, and strategies for keeping the company ahead of competitors.
  • Enjoy competitive advantages afforded through judicious and imaginative use of available information technology resources.

  • Significantly reduce expenses and increase revenue through a comprehensive productivity improvement and/or cost reduction program.

  • Implement proven methods and techniques that will enable you and your colleagues to do more work in less time.

  • Get the most out of available company and global resources.

  • Create a workable IT strategic plan for current and future implementations of information technology that can serve your company well into the future.

  • Adopt a risk-ready corporate culture that will encourage risk-ready employees to innovate aggressively in  a very competitive era of globalization.

  • Optimize business opportunities in a global economy through strategic alliances, internationally and via cross-industry partnerships.

  • Gaze into the crystal ball and identify emerging trends and information technologies that impact competitiveness, the product line, long-term strategies, and profitability.

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